In June 2018 we started work on our allotment located in Hove with the aim to transform it into a sensory garden that everyone can enjoy together. It was somewhat fortunate that just a few weeks after accruing the allotment, James started working at the Trust, who is not only a fantastic events coordinator but also a professional landscaper and qualified in horticulture and arboriculture.

Over the coming months and with the hope of completing the majority of the initial work before the end of Summer 2019, James, along with several other keen helpers, plans to create an inviting sensory garden hosting an array of trees, flowers, vegetables and fruits.

James has lots of exciting ideas to ensure that people of all ages and abilites can benefit from the project. You can follow our progress below by reading our regular update. Please also feel free to contact us with any ideas or suggestions!

At First Sight – June 2018

After a short walk from our office to Hove allotments and following a wonderous tour around other impressive plots, we had arrived at our patch for the first time! Any inspiration gained from peering over fences on route quickly turned into shock at the height of the neglected weeds and long grass that towered over even the tallest of us and covered the majority of the plot.

Caption: A video showing the height of the long grass at the allotment.

After some minor cutting back we slowly began to discover some remanence of the previous owner’s graft in the form of vegetables and fruits, such as cabbage, radish and rhubarb. Despite our initial excitement returning after this discovery, it was agreed that we’d pack up and return with some heavier equipment with the aim of levelling the area. Check in soon to see how were doing!

Level Up – August 2018

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