Coaching workshop for parents: How to best support your visually impaired child.

A coaching workshop designed specially for parents and carers of visually impaired children and young people, run by Lorna Payne who is a qualified coach and is blind herself.

Caring for a child with any kind of disability can be a daunting task, with many different challenges presented along the way. It’s inevitable that your child will come across challenges and issues in their lives which the average fully sighted child may not. Your child may be the first visually impaired person you’ve ever met, but how can you expect the unexpected?

You’re bound to have your worries, your fears, things you dread happening in your child’s life, fears of how you’re going to deal with different things that come along as your child gets older. This workshop is intended to help you with some of these worries.


We will cover issues such as;

  • Thinking about how they experience the world around them and how it differs from your experience, and how all of our experiences are different.
  • Dealing with your worries and fears without projecting them onto your child
  • Allowing your child to try things they are not afraid to do, even if you are.
  • Supporting them through difficulties at school. How to deal with difficulties and communicate effectively with them and the school themselves.
  • Helping them learn to problem solve instead of solving all their problems for them.
  • Allowing them to make mistakes, and accepting that they will make mistakes and learn from them.

Come with an open mind, and any questions you may have on the subject, and let’s put our fears to rest together.

This workshop will be running alongside our Brighton Bricks activity, so please come and join us while the children get creative with the Lego (see events page).

If you would like to attend this workshop, please complete a booking form.


  • Date/Time: 31/07/2019 11:00am - 1:00pm

  • Venue: Blatchington Court Trust

  • Address: 6A hove Park Villas

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