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Parents & Carers: CVI Information Session 1


10:00 - 12:00

Blatchington Court Trust would like to invite you to attend an information session on Cerebral Visual Impairment (CVI) to be held via Zoom and led by Janet Harwood. It is specifically aimed at parents whose children are in main stream school with no apparent other difficulties but are struggling to learn and is intended to give you, as parents, an opportunity to ask an expert in the field. We will be running a second session from 13:30 to 15.30 which will be aimed specifically at parents whose children have profound or multiple learning difficulties. When booking, please ensure you select the session most relevant to your child's individual needs. These sessions are for parents/carers only and not for professionals. Janet Harwood is a qualified teacher of the visually impaired (QTVI) specializing in CVIs. Ensuring all with CVIs have access to appropriate support and understanding is her passion. She is Chair of Trustees of The Cerebral (CVI) Society. Amongst other things, she has delivered training sessions on CVIs in England, Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland on behalf of several organizations. The variety of other groups have included charities, (local and national), Local Education Authorities, hospitals, specialist schools including schools for young people with a vision impairment, specialist schools for children with cerebral palsy, educational psychologists and several parent groups. She has written and recorded an accreditation module on CVIs for clinical professionals on behalf of the Welsh Low Vision Service, alongside magazine articles. During the talk, Janet will explain the basics of CVIs, their potential impact with regards to accessing the curriculum, potential impact on physical development and social and emotional well being across CVIs broad spectrum. There will be practical tips to support your child and also advice which may be helpful to a parent/carer to help you establish an effective partnership with your child's school and QTVI. Cerebral Visual Impairment is a condition where some of the special vision parts of the brain and its connections are damaged. This causes visual impairment even though the eyes may appear fine. Often children with CVI actually have good visual acuity but cannot make sense of what they see. In most cases once the damage has occurred the vision does not get worse, and in some cases, as the child grows older their vision may in fact improve. Janet has a special interest in this subject as over half of all children with Cerebral Palsy or Hydrocephalus have CVI. CVI can also be the result of other conditions such as low blood sugar at birth, Meningitis and in some instances of prematurity. CVI affects children of all levels from those who have profound and multiple learning difficulties to those who may be in a mainstream school with no apparent other problems but who are struggling to learn. Complete a booking form to reserve your place. Bookings close on Friday 11th June.


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