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Parents & Carers: Supporting your VI Child


19:30 - 21:00

Are you the parent or carer of a child with a vision impairment? Do you have worries or fears about their future? Do you need help coming to terms with their vision impairment and what it means for you as well as them? It’s natural that your child’s vision impairment doesn’t just affect them, of course it affects you too. It’s so common to have worries and fears for them. You don’t know how they’re going to do in school, whether they’ll make friends easily, whether they’ll struggle with the class work, how they’ll do later in life with work, relationships etc. Many parents of vision impaired children haven’t even met a vision impaired person before, so it’s understandable that you will have these uncertainties. In this workshop we will be focusing on you, how you can best support your child through the more challenging times while also looking after your own mental health. We will cover topics such as: • where our experience comes from, thinking about how your child experiences the world around them and how it differs from your experience, and how all of our experiences are different. How will your child gain an understanding of the things they can’t see? • Helping your child understand if they are doing something that might be perceived to be different or unusual, thinking about what you might need to teach them that you wouldn’t need to teach a sighted child. • Dealing with your worries and fears without projecting them onto your child. • Allowing your child to try things they are not afraid to do, even if you are afraid for them. • How to give your child confidence and belief in themselves. • Assume they can do something instead of assuming they can’t. • Supporting them through difficulties at school. How to deal with difficulties and communicate effectively with them and the school themselves. • Helping them learn to problem solve instead of solving all their problems for them. • Allowing them to make mistakes, and accepting that they will make mistakes and learn from them. • Accepting that you can’t protect them from everything. • Dealing with external opinions. Not fearing judgement or letting the opinions of others affect your emotional state, allowing your child to also remain resilient. This workshop will be run via zoom, please complete a booking form if you'd like to take part and we will send you the joining instructions.


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