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Apply for a Grant

Thank you for choosing to apply for a grant. When completing the form below, please try to give as much detail as possible and ensure the information given is accurate.

All applications must be supported by somebody who IS NOT a member of your family or somebody who is employed by Blatchington Court Trust. Once completed, you will be given a link which you can share with somebody who is able to support your application.

If you are applying on behalf of somebody else e.g. your child or somebody that you care for, please give their details below.


Please specify each of the items you wish to request below. You can add more items by pressing the 'Add More Items' button below. Any items without a name will be discarded.


Please describe in as much detail as possible how the item(s) specified above will be of benefit to you with a particular enphesis in respect of your sight impairment. It's particularly helpful (where applicable) to know where, when and how the items/services will be used.


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