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Craft Crate: Slime 16:00


16:00 - 17:00

Trying to follow along with arts and crafts activities is great, until you realise you haven’t got half of the materials and the presenter is jumping ahead to "one they made earlier". Craft Crate is different. Craft Crate is a monthly delivery of multisensory art materials, sent straight to your door. You can get stuck in and get creative by yourself or, to get the most out of Craft Crate, join us for a live, interactive and engaging online session, where we'll use the materials and make something amazing together. This time we're getting slimy with a fabulous, super slime Masterclass! Slimy, messy fun at home! (apologies to all parents in advance!) Join us while we experiment, making glow in the dark, scented, crunchy, rainbow, glitter and chocolate slime perfect for squishing, squashing, moulding, relaxation and a great concentration aid and boredom buster during home schooling! In order for us to ensure that you receive your pack in time, please book by no later than Sunday 24th January. Bookings made after this time will NOT be successful.


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