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Coaching & Mentoring

Are you starting to think about your future? Are you coming up to a transition in your life? School to college? College to university? Education to work? Or something else?

Are you struggling at school, searching for work and not knowing where to start, or finding life generally stressful and in need of some strategies to push past a phobia or anxiety trigger? Maybe you have goals but don’t quite know how to get there.

Or maybe you’re the parent or carer of a child with a vision impairment. Do you have worries or fears about their future? Do you need help coming to terms with their vision impairment and what it means for you as well as them?

It’s natural that your child’s vision impairment doesn’t just affect them, of course it affects you too. It’s so common to have worries and fears for them. You don’t know how they’re going to do in school, whether they’ll make friends easily, whether they’ll struggle with the class work, how they’ll do later in life for a career, whether they’ll find a happy relationship etc. Many parents of vision impaired children haven’t even met a vision impaired person before, so it’s understandable that you will have these uncertainties.

Lorna runs the coaching and mentoring service here at Blatchington Court Trust and she is here to help you. The above are just some examples of what you could bring to a coaching session. If you have something not previously mentioned that you’d like to discuss, that’s ok too. Nothing is too big or too small.

A little about Lorna

Lorna has no sight, she went through both mainstream school and specialist college, she has worked for other organisations before coming to Blatchington Court Trust, so she has extensive experience of handling many different transitions and life challenges as a vision impaired person.

Lorna is highly trained as a coach, CBT practitioner and master practitioner of NLP, time line therapy and hypnotherapy. In other words she can help you find different ways of thinking about things and help you unleash confidence and a positive mind-set you maybe didn’t even know you had. Whether you’re looking for a coach, or you feel you or your child would benefit from a mentor in the form of an older vision impaired person who has already faced the challenges you may be facing right now, please get in touch today.

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