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Educational Advocacy

Children and young people with a vision impairment encounter many challenges in life but barriers to their learning should not be one of them. We want to ensure Blind and partially sighted students thrive within their educational setting and go on to achieve their full potential. We fully believe that if the right educational support is provided to meet a child’s individual needs it is truly life-changing.

The Role of a Blatchington Court Trust Advocacy Officer

Our role is to help blind and partially sighted children and young people, with the support of their families, to access the appropriate education, training and support which they are entitled to under the law.

We enable clients to have their voices heard on issues that are important to them and to defend and safeguard their rights.

We can provide help in many ways including:

  • Securing formal recognition of the client’s SEND status through a statutory assessment so that their needs and provision to meet them are identified and met.
  • Ensuring an Education and Health Care Plan (EHCP) is secured for the child or young person when the educational setting cannot meet the necessary provision within its own resources.
  • An EHCP is fit for purpose, has SMART outcomes and meets the requirements of the SEN Code of Practice 2014.
  • Securing a place at the most appropriate educational placement to meet the young person’s individual needs
  • Bringing successful appeals to the SEND Tribunal Service
  • Ensuring EHCPs are effectively implemented and maintained through school mediation meetings and annual reviews

Getting Help

If you feel that educational advocacy may be of help to you, your family or somebody that you know and would like more information please contact us.

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