Removing barriers faced by people with sight loss through the provision of technology.

Our grants provides equipment and services which help to reduce or remove barriers faced by people with sight loss throughout Sussex. All items supplied through our grants service are for home use only (not for school or college), unless a special arrangement has been made between Blatchington Court Trust and the local authority.

Applications will be considered for people who are registered or are registrable as blind or partially sighted up to and including the age of 29 years and who are permanent residents in Sussex. For your application to be considered, you must also be registered with us. If you’re not already registered and would like to be, you can register online.

Please refer to our grant guidelines for full details, eligibility criteria and more information about how our grants can support you.


If you are already registered with us, you can apply for a grant using our online aplication form. If you're not registered yet, please complete our online registration form.

Apply for a grant


For more information about our grants service and the terms and conditions, please refer to our grant guidelines.



We support people with sight loss under the age of 30 throughout Sussex. To benefit from our range of services, please register online or by calling 01273 727 222 to find out more.



Can I apply for services e.g. swimming lessons?

Yes. An individual may receive a maximum of 50 1:1 swimming, music or similar lessons.

Do I need to purchase insurance for the equipment?

Yes. In most cases your home contents insurance will provide adequate cover for the equipment. However, you are obliged to inform your insurer prior to the equipment being used at your home.

Can I try a piece of equipment before applying for a grant?

Yes. Unfortunately, we’re not able to keep a large stock of equipment for demonstration purposes. However, if you are interested in trying a specific device, please contact us so that we can attempt to arrange a trial and/or demonstration with our suppliers of technology.

Am I able to take my equipment into school?

Any equipment solely funded by Blatchington Court Trust is intended for use at home. However, in some cases a special arrangement is made with the local authority and/or the school to allow the equipment to be used within school/college.

Am I required to make a financial contribution towards a grant?

Successful applicants will be asked for a contribution towards the grant – generally, this is 10% for most equipment and 20% for iPads or 50% if the child is under the age of 7. However, this can vary at the discretion of the Trustees and will be different when equipment is joint funded by the local authority/sensory needs service and Blatchington Court Trust.