Helping you to explore your thoughts, feelings and experiences so you can develop a better understanding of yourself and of others.

Our one-to-one Counselling/ Coaching service specialises in emotional and practical support to vision impaired children and young adults, as well as their parents/ guardians and siblings. It is available to clients and their families who are registered with us. Our trained staff have personal and/or professional experience of vision impairment. Counselling/ coaching offers you a safe place to be heard and build a trusting relationship. It can help you to talk about whatever is on your mind and worrying you.


If you feel that our Wellbeing service could be of benefit to you or somebody that you know or care for, please complete our Wellbeing referral form or contact us.

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Understanding Wellbeing

Please read our helpful guide to Wellbeing that explains the similarities and some very important differences between Counselling, Coaching and Mentoring.

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We support people with sight loss under the age of 30 throughout Sussex. To benefit from our range of services, please register online or by calling 01273 727 222 to find out more.



How many sessions are offered and how long does each session last?

We offer up to sixteen sessions and each session can last up to one hour. It is your choice as to how these sessions are spread out. For example, some people opt for weekly sessions and others prefer biweekly.

Am I able to re-refer if I’m not ready to finish counselling or coaching after sixteen sessions?

Yes. After sixteen sessions it is possible to re-refer. Your counsellor or coach will reassess your needs and consider offering further sessions if appropriate. There is generally a waiting list for both services and it’s important that everyone’s needs are met.

Where are sessions held?

The location of your session is dependent on how appropriate the environment is and how comfortable you feel. Generally, most sessions take place at our office in Hove, within school/college or at your home.

Is there a waiting list for counselling or coaching?

Yes. Our waiting list fluctuates throughout the year and it is unknown at any given time how quickly people are able to be seen. Please contact us if you feel counselling or coaching would be of benefit to you or somebody that you know or care for.

How do I know if counselling or coaching is right for me?

We encourage anybody who feels unsure or apprehensive about counselling or coaching to contact us so that we can advise and signpost appropriately.